Credit and Appreciation go to: Ashley Carson


Our buddy Reymond has had some ups and downs in his young life. For reasons well beyond his control, his caregivers have never been able to give him a safe, stable, loving home for very long. Ironically, this lack of stability and permanency has made Reymond wary of getting too close to stability and permanency in his life. He’s come close to adoption before, but it just became too much for him and the fit wasn’t right at that moment. But Reymond wants and needs the very thing that scares him a little, so we need you to see Reymond for who he is. He’s an energetic, happy young man who loves eating hamburgers and fries, riding his bike, and playing with his toys. He’s also the young man who needs a loving, kind, and patient family to show him what forever looks and feels like and then allow him the room and time to process it all and finally accept it. Reymond will push a little and test boundaries when he feels it all getting a little too real, but it’s his way of making sure that you’re going to be there for him for the long haul. It’s natural, and it’s necessary, and it’s worth it. Reymond is worth it.

Age: 9

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Pastor Brad & SOCO Church

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A family has been identified for Reymond! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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