Credit and Appreciation go to: Jenny Stricklin


Just to give you a sense of how chaotic the home lives of some of our kiddos can be, our friend Raven actually told us on the day that we had to bring her into care to keep her safe that she was happy to be in foster care. Let that sink in for a moment. Normally, when we have to remove kids from their homes to make sure they’re safe, it’s an upsetting, crazy time. But Raven was happy to be in a situation where she knew people wanted her. That’s what Raven is all about – she needs to know that she is loved, supported, and wanted. She can be a little impatient at times, and she struggles with not getting her way like any other kiddo her age, but she is a friendly and super intelligent young woman. She can keep to herself a little more often than most kids her age, but she’s recently discovered a love of cheerleading, and it’s really helped bring her out of her shell. We asked her what kind of family she wants, and she was very particular – she wants a mom and a dad and she wants to be the only child in the family. Oh, and she wants a puppy! So, for all of you two-parent families out there – Raven is looking for you!

Age: 12

Inquire About Raven

A family has been identified for Raven! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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