Credit and Appreciation go to: Jenny Stricklin


This future music artist and performer is Olivia. She loves to sing as well as listen to music. She is very friendly and kind hearted. She loves animals, but she needs a home without pets because she can become overwhelmed with emotions and not know how to treat them with care in her anger. She struggles with peers, and despite learning coping skills, can become overwhelmed by emotion and needs help with regulating her emotions. Because of her past trauma with her original mother, Olivia struggles with female authority figures. Olivia needs a forever family that is composed of a forever mom and dad who have an understanding of PTSD and ADHD. Her forever home will need to balance nurturing and love with structure and boundaries. She needs to be able to be an only child to help her as she heals and accepts that she is wanted. If you get a chance to hang out with Olivia, take her to McDonald’s, her favorite restaurant, and let her order a chicken nugget happy meal with an ice cream cone for dessert. Touch her heart with your knowledge of her. Let her know she is worth the time to know more. To learn more, inquire below.

Age: 12

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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