Credit and Appreciation go to: Leslie Murray


So what’s Nevaeh’s story? Unfortunately, the first few chapters of her life have been a little rough. We can’t go into details here on the Heart Gallery, but we can tell you that she has seen more than her fair share of chaos, uncertainty, and abandonment thanks to those who promised to take care of her. As you might imagine, it’s taken a toll on her emotionally. She craves attention, of any kind, which can get her in trouble. She also has lost a lot of respect for adult authority figures along the way, so she can be a little defiant and disrespectful. These behaviors are a normal response to the trauma she’s experienced, but the great thing is that Nevaeh is working hard to find better ways to process things as she replaces the rough chapters with new, happier ones. She loves art and music, and she really enjoys being outside and riding her bike. She’s learning to trust again and to embrace the positive in the world around her, but she needs you to show her how a real family is supposed to love each other. She desperately wants to re-write her story, and she’s ready to get to work with you right beside her. Nevaeh will need be the youngest child in your home, and if you’re a mom reading this, you’ll need to be ready to work hard to break through with Nevaeh. She has an especially hard time trusting women. But she’s ready to put in the work with the right family. If that’s you, let us know today.

Age: 14

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Pastor Brad & SOCO Church

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A family has been identified for Neveah! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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