Credit and Appreciation go to: Van Dover Photography


Ani has one of our favorite photos on the Heart Gallery, hands down. Her eyes are so warm and full of life, and she has such a free and easy smile. This amazing photo shows the Ani that we know and love, but like any photograph, it only captures a moment in time. There’s much more to Ani that a photograph simply cannot portray. It doesn’t show you that Ani is a great artist and loves to draw. It also doesn’t show you that Ani came to us from a very hard place and some really difficult circumstances, and at times she struggles to process her past experiences and her emotions in the best ways. But Ani desperately wants a family of her own to allow her to continue exploring who she is and who she wants to become. You will need to be consistent, supportive, and patient, and as soon as Ani realizes that you’re going to be there for her through thick and thin, the Ani you see frozen in time in this photo will be the same Ani you see every day. What a blessing that will be!

Age: 15

Inquire About Ani

A family has been identified for Ani! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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