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In many ways, Sean is just like any other teen boy – he loves playing sports and video games, and he’s a pizza fanatic! He’s also a talented artist, and if you look closely at his photo, you’ll see a young man trying hard to paint on a happy face for the camera. But truth is, he’s got a lot on his mind. Sean’s dream to be adopted by a family who loves and supports him has come true once already. Everyone tried as hard as they could, but despite everyone’s best efforts, that match just wasn’t right. That kind of disappointment is hard to fathom, but Sean is a fighter and he has not given up. Sean is one of the strongest kids we’ve ever met. Despite everything he’s been through, he’s still outgoing and positive. While Sean has moments when he feels alone, anxious and uncertain and behaves accordingly, at his core he is hopeful, determined, and resilient and simply wants someone to see his potential and the kind of young man he wants to be. He told us that he wants someone to want him, to love him, and to allow him time to learn how to accept love and to trust that they’re not going to leave him. We don’t think that’s asking too much. Sean would thrive in a home where he’s the youngest or the only child and where everyone is committed to patience, consistency and structure. Does that sound like the kind of home you could provide for Sean? Let us know!

Age: 15

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