Credit and Appreciation go to: Melissa Harms


Pizza. Chicken nuggets. Anything sweet. His bicycle. Playing games. We just described our friend Nichalous’ favorite things in the world…the things that he wants around him every single day. Those things also apply to nearly every other pre-teen boy in the world, don’t they?! But we left off one thing that Nichalous really wants that most of those other kiddos take for granted – a family. Most days, Nichalous is a sweet, curious young man who you just want to snatch up and hug. He thrives in situations where he has consistent expectations and boundaries, even though he may push back against those boundaries and rules from time to time. Deep down, it’s just his way of figuring out whether it’s safe to trust and open his heart. Nichalous has so, so much to offer the right family, but he needs strong, firm, patient parents, and he needs to be the only child or the youngest child in the family if he’s going to become the young man he’s destined to be. If that sounds like your family and you want to learn more about Nichalous, let us know!

Age: 13

Inquire About Nichalous

A family has been identified for Nichalous! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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