Credit and Appreciation go to: Van Dover Photography


Folks, when you think of typical teenagers these days, what comes to mind? Self-absorbed? Unmotivated? Drama? If that’s the case, then you won’t know what to think about our friend Morgan. She came into foster care through no fault of her own, and she’s a great example of what we want our teens to grow up to be like. She’s an excellent student and loves going to school. She worked hard and became a cheerleader at school, too, which she is rightfully very proud of. She has a younger brother who is not on the same life path she is, but she loves him like crazy and wants to be around him as much as possible. She realizes that his needs are different from hers, though, and she wants the best for him, even when it hurts her not to see him as much as she’d like. Morgan is trustworthy, level-headed, focused on success at life and in school, and possesses a maturity and perspective on life that you rarely see in someone her age. We’re just super proud of the young woman she is, and we know that you will be, too. Morgan really wants to live close to the Benton/Bryant area so she can stay at her school. She also wants to be able to remain in contact with her brother and his family. We can’t say this clearly enough – Morgan is an amazing young lady who will be a great fit in your family. Don’t let this moment pass you by, folks. She’s a keeper!

Age: 17

Inquire About Morgan

A family has been identified for Morgan! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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