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We firmly believe that a child’s past does not define his future. Children are incredibly resilient and are capable of incredible things when surrounded by the right people and supports. But children’s pasts can and do impact their present attitudes and behaviors. This is certainly true for Matthew. 13-year-old Matthew has experienced more upheaval in his young life than anyone should see in a lifetime. Soon after entering care, his mother abandoned him. Matthew’s father wasn’t there for him either. Fortunately, Matthew found what he thought would be his “forever family”, but he came back into foster care after his adoptive parents abandoned him. Think for a moment about how you would deal with a similar series of crushing disappointments and rejections, and then try to imagine how you would process all of this as a young child, all alone in the world. Matthew’s life has not been easy, and his behaviors and attitudes reflect his pain and anxiety more often than he would like. But Matthew is worthy of a fresh start with a family who is dedicated to helping him continue to move beyond the events of his past and re-define a new future full of hope, trust, and joy. The path forward will not be easy. Matthew will need a strong, consistent two-parent home with no other children, but just look at that photo and tell me he’s not worth the effort. 4666126

Age: 16

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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