In many ways, Patrick is your typical pre-teen boy. He’s active, loves playing outside and is ready to conquer any outdoor or board game that he can access. He loves to eat, especially the kid staples of pizza, spaghetti and chicken nuggets. But as you can see in his photo, there is pain and trauma that this young man is dealing with today. He needs a family who is willing to provide him with lots of structure, consistency and support while also extending the love, kindness and nurturing that helps kids flourish. A family who is willing to provide this support should see their efforts pay off as Patrick can be very sweet and caring. But he did grow up in a home with few guidelines so he can sometimes react poorly in stressful situations. If you ask him, he wants his future family to know that is helpful and strong. Patrick would thrive in a two-parent household infused with patience and love. He would do best as the youngest sibling or only child. And if you have a goldfish, Patrick says that is a definite plus! Are you ready to stand by Patrick’s side? He’s ready, too.

Age: 12

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