Credit and Appreciation go to: Jon Yoder Photography


We’ve said this many times here on the Heart Gallery – being in foster care, and especially those for whom adoption is needed, is tough. Kids struggle with navigating their new reality, and they struggle with balancing their wish for a new family with their lingering connection to their original family. Our friend Malena experiences these same conflicts. She desperately wants to be adopted, but she misses her original family as well. This battle between hope and guilt leaves her a little off balance at times, and her behaviors reflect that. But Malena just needs time…and a family to help her learn how to trust again and accept love and support and guidance. Malena needs you, so don’t hesitate…ask us for more info below.

Age: 12

Inquire About Malena

A family has been identified for Malena! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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