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Our friend Angel is a creature of habit. She likes what she likes, and she doesn’t stray too far from those things that make her happy. She loves electronics of all kinds, and she’s a big music fan. You’ll also see her playing lots of games and making all sorts of arts and crafts. Her go-to snacks are equally steady – Cool Ranch Doritos, Dr. Pepper, and candy. Angel is consistent and predictable, which is usually a good thing. But Angel needs a family to help her grow and mature into a young lady and step out of her comfort zone. And not just in the foods she eats or the activities she tries or the music she listens to, but in the effort she puts into coping with her past experiences and verbalizing her feelings. She just needs a little nudge from time to time to realize how strong and how capable she is. That’s what family does, right? You support each other and help make each other better, stronger, happier versions of yourselves. Angel is ready for that kind of family. She’s ready to step out and face the world head on, with you right beside her.

Age: 16

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