This bio, no matter how beautifully it’s written, will not be able to do justice to the wonderful human being it’s about. Our friend Noah is one of those kiddos who immediately endears himself to you with his kind spirit and his ability to make you feel important and loved – even when it should be our job to make him feel that way. Noah has autism and an intellectual disability, so he struggles to keep up academically with his peers and it takes him longer to process things than he’d like. But that doesn’t stop him from trying new things, a character trait that he’s very proud of. New foods, new experiences, new approaches to solve problems – he’s ready! That’s not to say he doesn’t have some tried and true favorite things, like playing on his tablet, riding his bike, playing with dogs, and dressing nicely. Noah is a special kiddo, and he’ll need a special family, one that will be consistent and stern but also loving and supportive. He’s great with other kids, and he loves being a big brother if you have younger kids. Noah is just a kid you fall in love with as soon as you meet him…you just have to give him that chance.

Age: 15

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