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Our friend Michael is one cool cat. He is a low-key, quiet young man who does not draw attention to himself and loves a calm environment. Michael has been diagnosed with autism, and he thrives when provided with peace and quiet. Michael is non-verbal, but you can easily tell when he’s happy, excited, frustrated, etc., and he does a great job of expressing his needs with those around him. Michael has a developmental disability waiver, which means that he has a ton of supports and services that will follow him wherever he goes, even after adoption, so you never have to worry about being on an island with no one to lend a hand. Michael’s team is great and they’re ready to help. Michael is a good student, a healthy eater, and a truly pleasant young man. He can have bad days like the rest of us, but those are few and far between and he accepts re-direction really well and calms quickly back to his true self. Michael just needs a family to look past the label of autistic and see him for what he is – a great kid with a ton to offer this world who needs a family to spend time with him and help him find his way. Simple, really. If that might be you, let us know.

Age: 16

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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