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Friends, you have stopped to learn more about one of our favorite kiddos on the Heart Gallery. Nathaniel is a special kiddo, among a gallery full of amazing kids. Nathaniel received a serious head injury at age two, leaving him with significant developmental delays and physical issues. But his injuries did not diminish his personality and joy in any way, shape, or form. During his time at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, his incredible team of doctors, nurses, and therapists grew very attached to him thanks to his spunk, laughter, and upbeat personality. They even threw him a big going away party. His new treatment team at Arkansas Pediatric Facility feels the same way about our little guy. He has made tremendous progress and gets closer to his goals and milestones every day. Nathaniel has long-term supports in place that will follow him wherever he goes, so you will have a team of caring professionals ready, willing, and able to provide a host of services as he grows and develops. Your job will be to educate yourself on his condition, advocate for his care alongside the rest of the team, and love him with all your heart. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us.

Age: 4

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