Credit and Appreciation go to: Ashley Carson


Skyler is an active kid that loves to be indoors playing legos and video games, but also loves to be outside whether it be just playing and enjoying nature or on his skateboard. He is a strong young man that isn’t afraid to try new things or new foods and is rarely found to have a complaint when asked to help. He is a growing and energetic young man that needs a forever family with a home that provides him with two parents, to include a strong male role model and siblings significantly older than him. His strength and determination to learn more and be more makes Skyler stand out, as he struggles with the unknown, as young children do, except, he isn’t like all kids. His concerns simply come from his past, something he had no control over. He has come leaps and bounds from where he began when placed in foster care 2 years ago. He longs for a forever family that will love him and support him as he continues to work on communicating his feelings and overcoming his fears. We all face our own issues with anxiety, are the the family to help him understand how to cope with and support Skyler as his mom or dad?

Age: 8

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