Credit and Appreciation go to: Jude Della Terra Photography


Meet Myricle – a teenage girl looking for a forever home! Myricle is very smart, determined, and compassionate. Myricle tends to be quite expressive; she expresses herself through art and journaling, and she loves to show love and affection through hugs. Myricle is high energy and thrives on spending quality time with those who love and care about her, and in her spare time, you can catch her reading a book, watching football, or her favorite cartoon, SpongeBob. Like all children, Myricle does face a few challenges. When she’s upset, it can be difficult to regulate her emotions; however, she is easily redirected when she is upset, and Myricle is also participating in weekly therapy to address this challenge and other childhood traumas. Myricle would thrive best in a two-parent home that is relaxed but has a strong structure and firm boundaries. Could your family be the right fit for Myricle? Submit an inquiry below to learn more.

Age: 15

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A family has been identified for Myricle! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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