Credit and Appreciation go to: Tim Rand Photography


It’s hard to see Shemirror’s warm, toothy-grin and not smile back at her photo. She’s clearly a confident kid, and has many of the same hobbies and loves as other teens her age. Pizza is Shemirror’s favorite food, followed closely by just about any flavor chip. She loves music and will dance any time given the chance and the right beat. But Shemirror also desperately wants a family who will love her and provide her with structure and support as she grows. Shemirror would thrive in a home where she gets lots of undivided attention, focused on guiding her through her teenage years and helping her plan for the future and the endless possibilities it could bring. Just imagine how far she can go with someone beside her, helping her navigate the ups-and-downs of high school and overcome the traumas of her past. Are you the family for Shemirror? We sure hope so.

Age: 15

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