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Our friend Makyia’s eyes just grab you and don’t let you go, don’t they? What a beauty! Makyia is a multi-layered young lady. Check out this list of things she loves. She loves helping with cleaning and enjoys doing chores to help her foster parents around the house. She really enjoys school, even if she’s not a huge fan of homework, and she loves to read. When it comes to eating, she’s a huge fan of good ol’ home cooking and old-fashioned soul food. (She asked us to let you know that she’s allergic to pineapple!) Like other kiddos who have lived through trauma, Makyia can be a tough cookie at times. Her key problem area is that she can be a bit defiant and want things her way, but she’s made great progress on this and isn’t afraid to work hard at getting better. The perfect home for Makyia will provide her with consistent structure and clear expectations for her behavior. She thrives in situations where she has clear guidelines and is super proud of herself when she can successfully meet expectations. We’re proud of you, too, Makyia, and we know you will be as well when you give her a chance to be an amazing daughter and sister in your home.

Age: 13

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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