Credit and Appreciation go to: Jennifer Reddout Photography


Attention all sports parents! You know who you are – the moms and dads who haul their sports-loving kiddos to every ballpark, gym, and field in a 100-mile radius each week. Or maybe you want to be a part of that scene but haven’t had the opportunity yet. Our friend Larry wants to join in the fun with you. Larry is a sports nut and a great athlete at whatever he picks up. He told us that he wants a mom and a dad who love sports, too, and he really wants a sibling to play alongside. Larry is active, and he has the appetite to match his activity level – this kiddo knows good food when he sees it and he really appreciates it to the fullest. Larry also knows how to take care of himself and look his best. He enjoys wearing nice clothes and keeping his things clean and sharp-looking, and he is always ready for a fresh cut at the barbershop. Folks, Larry is an amazing kid who just needs a family that wants him as badly as he wants them. He’s known more than his fair share of instability and disappointment in his young life, and he needs a family to commit to him and overcome his hard-earned but temporary lack of trust in adults. Once he sees that you’re always going to be at the front of the Team Larry bandwagon, he’ll repay you with a lifetime of love and amazing accomplishments. Ready to add one more kiddo to your sports weekends? Just let us know and we’ll get things rolling for you and Larry.

Age: 14

Inquire About Larry

A family has been identified for Larry! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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