Credit and Appreciation go to: Ashley Carson


Lino isn’t afraid to let his emotions show. You know quite easily when Lino is happy about something and when something has upset him. Lino finds a lot of joy in sports. He’s a good athlete and he loves playing baseball and football (his favorite is football!). Lino always enjoys playing video games, too. You can see the joy in his face and his eyes as he does these things. But that transparent, honest emotion also comes out in other ways. Lino is not a fan of anyone talking about him or his family, and he’s quick to let you know it. This can cause some problems with his peers, who see that they can easily get under his skin. Lino understands he needs to work on this, and he’s committed to the effort. He just needs a family to help him see what stability and support and balance looks and feels like. We think in short time, in the right environment, we’ll be seeing a lot more of those trademarked Lino smiles and laughs.

Age: 14

Inquire About Lino

A family has been identified for Lino! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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