Trust. Belief. Faith. Sometimes, those things are hard to come by for kids waiting to be adopted. Despite the constant efforts by adoption advocates to find the perfect family and to encourage and uplift, some kids still can’t help but let worry, fear, and uncertainty creep into their minds. This is true for our friend Lilliana, and it breaks our heart. She’s way too young and innocent to have to worry about such things. She should be focused on having fun with her friends, riding her bike and her scooter, and learning new things at school. Lilliana is a very independent, but she loves to help. She’s also very empathetic and seems to know when something is bothering those around her, and she’s quick to do whatever she can to make you feel more secure and happy. But that’s our job, folks. It’s our responsibility to make Lilliana feel safe, loved, and secure. She needs a family committed to her. She needs to know, without any question, that you are going to be by her side as she grows, matures, and figures out her place in this world. Ideally, Lilliana would be the youngest child in the home to help her continue to thrive. Somewhere out there is a family looking for a wonderful young lady like Lilliana. If that’s you, don’t wait any longer – ask us to learn more about Lilliana now.

Age: 7

Inquire About Lilliana

A family has been identified for Lilliana! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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