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You won’t have any issue choosing where to take our buddy Kamron for his favorite dinner – he will eat anything! Kamron loves going out to eat, so just name the place and he’s ready to go. That same attitude shines through in almost everything Kamron is involved in. He’s such an easy-going kid. He loves fishing and almost any kind of outdoor activity, and he is really smart and a great student. Kamron has also never turned down an opportunity to play video games. He does struggle at times with boundaries and making impulsive decisions. He’s more than smart enough to make the right decisions, but he tends to quickly choose the first path that comes to mind instead of pausing for a moment and choosing the best path. Kamron will need a little help in this area, like most kids his age. The best family for Kamron will be one where Kamron is the youngest in the home. He just needs that little extra attention that the baby of the family always seems to get, plus he’d benefit from having some older siblings to help show him the way, too. Kamron is a great young man who just needs a family to welcome him to their home and hearts.

Age: 14

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