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Louise is a sweet and caring young woman who loves playing video games, especially Minecraft. She’s never turned down a chance to play Pokemon, either! When it comes to her favorite foods, Louise likes to keep it simple – Ramen and rice are her favorite foods. She also is legally blind, but with her glasses she can see things up close just fine. Most of the time, Louise is just as carefree and happy as she can be, but every now and then she can get a little frustrated and get a little too mad. But she is quick to cool down and go back to her normal, happy self. Louise is a great kid, and she is beyond ready to find the perfect family for her. That family will need to be committed to consistency, structure, and clear expectations to help her feel safe and stable. Easy, right? If you’d like to learn more about Louise, just ask below.

Age: 16

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A family has been identified for Louise! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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