Credit and Appreciation go to: Samantha Daniels


Our friend Mackenzie is a multi-faceted young woman. She is outgoing, helpful, and friendly, but she struggles at times with depressions and uncertainty about her future, which can lead her to be a little demanding and argumentative at times. She is active in track and band, and she is generally confident and upbeat, but she can get down on herself from time to time, too. If you’ve spent any time around kiddos approaching their teenage years, none of that should sound too surprising! Mackenzie is just like anyone else her age, but her past amplifies those typical pre-teen emotions and anxieties. So what does the perfect family to help Mackenzie find her way in the world look like? We asked Mackenzie this same question. She wants a mom and a dad and a sibling right around her same age. She also wants an active, church-going family that likes to hug…and she wants a dog! That sounds like a pretty great family to us, too, Mackenzie. If you’d like to learn more about being that family for Mackenzie, let us know.

Age: 13

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