Kids don’t deserve to be in foster care. They didn’t do anything wrong to be in the situation they’re in, but here they are anyway. Sometimes, kids are keenly aware of their original parents’ issues and know why they need to be in care. Other times, they just don’t fully understand what’s happened and they cling to the idea of their original family a little tighter than most. This is true for our friend Keyawna. She’s a sweet, soft-spoken child, but she hasn’t let go of the emotions and connection to her original family. She just wants to be home, and she doesn’t always understand why she can’t be with her original family. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s understandable. To her, her previous home life was normal, and she hasn’t experienced enough of the right kind of love, support, and stability to see that here future can and will be better. But she’s getting there. She’s in counseling and her team is moving her closer and closer to understanding. You have the amazing opportunity to help her see what her life can be like. What a safe, stable, nurturing family is supposed to look and feel like. Slowly, she’ll see what everyone else sees – that she deserves the very best. That she’s worth it. And when the light comes on, what a blessing it will be to be by her side. Don’t be scared away by Keyawna’s connection to her original family. It’s a glimpse into the kind of bond she’ll be able to build with you as she grows and matures.

Age: 9

Inquire About Keyawna

A family has been identified for Keyawna! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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