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Being in foster care is tough, y’all. Kids in foster care have had to navigate some pretty rough waters in their young lives. Neglect, abuse, abandonment, loss, instability…no matter the reasons for being here, it’s been a difficult path for most kids. Lindyn is one of those kiddos. At her core, she is a pizza- and French fry-loving teenager who loves spending time on social media and hanging out with her friends and shopping. Typical teen, right? But Lindyn has not had the best role models. She’s not been taught how to react the right way when things in life don’t go her way. The only reactions she knows are throwing fits, arguing, and running away from problems and challenges. It’s not her fault, and it’s not who she really is. It’s just been all she’s been taught so far. But here’s the great thing about Lindyn – she’s ready to learn new lessons. She needs a family that can show her how a family is supposed to work. Families love and support each other, through the good times and the bad. Lindyn hasn’t experienced much of this in her life, and she desperately wants and needs it. She may not know how to react to it at first – those old lessons will take some time to be replaced by the new ones – but Lindyn will respond to consistent guidance, discipline, and love. Those of us who know her cannot wait to see the ”real” Lindyn come out of her shell and blossom into her true self. We can see it; it’s right below the surface of all that anxiety and confusion and hurt. You’ll see it soon, too, and what a day that will be!

Age: 14

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