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For many of our children who are hoping to find their “forever family,” their home lives before coming into foster care were defined by chaos, neglect, and abuse. This is especially true for 12-year-old Nick. He has endured more than his fair share of trauma in his young life. He wants so badly to be liked and accepted but struggles at times relating to peers and trusting those who care for him the most due to his past experiences with his own parents. But he refuses to let his past define his future, a future that he hopes includes two things – animals and adoption. Nick has a knack for connecting with animals and showing them the love, attention, and affection that he never received as a child. It is an amazing thing to witness. He also loves to fish and watch television shows about animals and the outdoors. It wouldn’t surprise us at all if Nick grows up to be an animal biologist or veterinarian! Nick has so much to offer to the right family – a family that is patient, supportive, accepting and loving. If you see something in Nick that touches your heart, please let us know. 3318475

Age: 13

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