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Landin is a teenage boy brimming with charisma and a passion for music. His outgoing nature compliments his unique charm, making him approachable and likable by those who meet him. Landin's interests extend to the culinary world, as he finds particular enjoyment in burgers and steak. A significant memory that he cherishes involves the road trips he used to take with his grandfather, who has since unfortunately passed away.  Despite his lively persona, Landin has also faced considerable challenges. His struggle for acceptance is notable and, at times, this difficulty may reflect in his behavior. Previously, Landin was part of a sibling group of three, but his siblings have since been adopted. In terms of family dynamics, Landin would likely thrive best in a nurturing environment, preferably with a single parent, though a two-parent household would also be suitable. Landin remains resilient and ready to embrace a new family who can provide the understanding and support he needs for his journey.

Age: 15

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