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If a picture is worth a thousand words, Lathanual’s grin is worth a million bucks. It’s not often that a teenager’s personality comes across the camera lens this easily, but Lathanual is a 14-year-old you want to meet. He has been working hard to find ways to communicate and making progress on dealing with the emotions he feels (like a lot of teenaged boys). Lathanual could use some loving attention, one on one, in a two-parent household that can devote the time to help him grow. Given the obstacles he’s making progress to overcome, a home where he’s the only child would be ideal for him to really flourish. Many of us might recall what it’s like to be a teenager. Life is uncertain, the world can be scary. If you think you could offer some stability, structure, and sense of belonging, consider Lathanual.

Age: 16

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