Credit and Appreciation go to: Brittney Johnson


Give her a bow and a basketball, and you’ve just made Mandie’s day. This spunky 16-year-old volunteers for the Humane Society and is a Special Olympics athlete. She doesn’t mind dressing up with the girls but also isn’t afraid to compete on the court with the boys. Good sportsmanship is in her nature, and she gets along well with other children and adults. Sometimes, just like the rules of keeping the ball in bounds, Mandie needs to be guided toward appropriate boundaries and personal care routines. Practice makes perfect, and she’s not shy a bit! If you give her a chance, she’d like to make you laugh. Did we mention that she really likes Ramen Noodles? A slam dunk home for Mandie might include other kids and pets, but it has to have room for a whole lotta love.

Age: 17

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