A few of our kiddos here on the Heart Gallery also have short films to watch. Most of these films are largely positive, but some have an undercurrent of frustration and hopelessness. That undercurrent becomes a riptide in Michael’s film. It is a brutally raw, honest and emotional depiction of his state of mind at the time it was shot. It’s not Michael’s fault he’s in foster care. His parents and extended birth family just couldn’t safely care for him. Michael loves his extended family very much and enjoys seeing them as often as he can, but he understands that love isn’t enough and they’re still not capable of safely caring for him. It’s a difficult emotional tightrope to walk at times, as you might imagine. Most days, Michael deftly maintains his balance and is his normal self. He is really skilled at putting things together and fixing things. In fact, he wants to be a mechanic and open his own shop. But some days, Michael loses his emotional balance and gets a little irritable. He really needs a two-parent home with a mom that can help bring him down from that tightrope safely and a strong father figure to keep him on the straight and narrow. Michael has all the potential in the world to achieve his goals, but he needs a family to show him the best way to get there. If you think that family is you, let us know!

Age: 16

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