Credit and Appreciation go to: Ashley Carson

Michael (Ronald)

Life in the foster care system is not typically full of laughter due to our kiddos’ loss and sadness, but for Ronald, it is a different case. Although his story comes with difficulty, his heart is full of laughter. Ronald is our comedian full of witty jokes and stories. He brings smiles wherever he goes. Sadly though, it really is a part of what keeps Ronald going, coping with his heartbreak. More than anything he struggles with building personal relationships because keeping others at a distance keeps him safe from hurt. Ronald’s forever family needs to be one where he is an only child or with children 12 or older. He longs for and needs a firm father figure that can help provide guidance and structure, while also showing understanding and patience. If you are interested in knowing more about Ronald you can fill out the form below. With any growing boy food is a way to reach his heart, so remember steak or Mexican food and you will begin developing that forever bond that Ronald so needs and deserves.

Age: 12

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