Credit and Appreciation go to: Brandi Connor


This is one of our favorite photos on the Heart Gallery! Meet our friend Amia. You can see her personality shining through in the photo – spunky, playful, and more than a fair share of sass! Amia loves to color and draw, and she also really enjoys playing outside and dancing. Unfortunately, Amia had to grow up much too quickly in her original home. As a result, she has trouble at times accepting directions from authority figures and can get argumentative. Her trauma has caused her to be a little too independent and resistant to help and guidance from adults. Amia is aware of her behaviors and she’s working hard to learn how to adjust to a life where she can just be the great kid she is. That playful, spunky, sassy spirit of hers is never far away, and we just love to see her shine like she’s meant to. To help her stay on this positive path, Amia needs a home with a single mother, and she definitely wants siblings. If this sounds like your family, ask us for more info on Amia.

Age: 12

Inquire About Amia

A family has been identified for Amia! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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