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Amberli has some natural abilities that we all wish we had. She is super smart and is capable of doing really well in school. She is outgoing and friendly and makes friends quickly with her peers. She also is really good at doing hair and makeup and wants to pursue cosmetology as she grows up. Amberli has all the tools to be a success at whatever she sets her mind to. But like most kids on the Heart Gallery, trauma has come along and thrown a few obstacles in Amberli’s path. Even though she has the intelligence and ability to do well in school, she struggles academically. And even though she can get along great with her peers, she allows other kids to push her buttons too often and too quickly. As you can imagine then, school is not a fun place for Amberli. But like we said, she has the tools. She has the ability. She simply needs someone to guide her through these times and show her how to handle her emotions. She needs someone to motivate her and to let her see that she can do great things. Confidence, belief, and trust are powerful and valuable gifts, and Amberli needs you to help her discover them. Amberli needs a two-parent home committed to consistency and supporting her as she works on these things. We know you’re out there. We just need you to see Amberli and all her natural gifts and say, “This young lady deserves a chance to be great.”

Age: 16

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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