Credit and Appreciation go to: Samantha Daniels Photography


Sometimes, you just need some alone time, right? That’s how our friend Jamie prefers to handle things when she gets anxious or overwhelmed…she retreats to a quiet place where she can be alone and gather her thoughts. She has a real connection to the outdoors, and she loves to be outside where she can hunt and fish. She’s not all country girl, though. She also loves sushi, Chinese food, and spaghetti! Jamie has had a life full of ups and downs, and she needs a single, female parent and a home where she is the only child to really thrive. She needs that one-on-one attention from her mom to help her find her place in this world and become the young woman we all know she can be.

Age: 17

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Pastor Brad & SOCO Church

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A family has been identified for Jamie! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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