When you think of broccoli, what comes to mind? Our Jerrby simply loves eating it anyway he can get it. Jerrby also loves to make others laugh. With his humor and his laid-back personality, anyone can easily fall in love with him. In the past Jerrby has struggled with behavior issues such as lying and running away, and he finds it easier to follow others even when he should walk away. He wants a forever home and needs one that will allow him to be the only child. He needs a forever mom and dad or a capable single-parent home. Due to his past trauma, Jerrby will need a forever family that will be patient and loving, while maintaining structure and boundaries. If you get the chance, you might take Jerrby on a horseback ride or to a football game. His heart will leap with enjoyment as he experiences the things he loves most. For more information about Jerrby, please inquire below.

Age: 12

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