Credit and Appreciation go to: Meredith Benton Photography


This handsome young man is known for being ‘hands on’ in everything he can be. Lance loves to work on art projects or any project for that matter. If you’ve got something to build, Lance is your man. He is also known for his work ethic. Lance is a hard worker, but does need continued help, which is easy to provide, as he is affectionate, very sweet, and easy going. He is a growing young man that would love to have a forever family and deserves the opportunity to be a part of a loving home. Lance has been in foster care for 9 years and his most precious memories are of those with his younger brother, who was adopted by another family nearly a year ago. Although they talk whenever possible, Lance wants a forever family of his own. Lance’s forever family will need to provide a structured environment that can meet his educational and emotional needs through advocacy, while also providing patience and support. If you are willing to build it, Lance will come. Will you be his forever family?

Age: 16

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