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Plain cheesecake. Spongebob Squarepants. His iPad and his PlayStation. These are our buddy Jacob’s favorite things in the world, which makes this 14-year-old a lot like any other kid his age. Jacob also has some developmental delays, which also makes him a lot like other kids his age who have obstacles of their own to overcome. Jacob approaches each day with that great smile of his, ready to put in the work to get smarter, stronger, wiser – all the things that each of us try to do each day, right? Except we have a family and friends to help us along the way, guiding us and helping us. Why should Jacob have to do it alone? This is a great kiddo who deserves a family of his own to stand beside him as he grows up and learns how to navigate this world of ours. If you think you might like to be on Team Jacob, contact us for more information about our buddy. 3679708

Age: 17

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