Credit and Appreciation go to: Leslie Murray


Y’all, this kid right here is something else. Meet Jacob. When we asked what people need to know about Jacob, folks just gushed about his warm, loving personality! Words like “sweet” and “respectful” and “well behaved” were mentioned by everyone who knows him. Sometimes, kids in foster care get misrepresented as angry kids with bad behaviors and poor attitudes, but not Jacob. Despite the chaos and uncertainty he experienced growing up, he’s an amazingly happy and relaxed young man. He plays really well with his peers and he loves superheroes and Legos…and soda! Coincidentally, he has lots of energy, so he’ll need a family committed to providing him routine and structure to help channel that energy in a positive direction. Jacob is also partially deaf and wears a hearing aid, so he’ll need to continue in his therapies for that. There is one important note for Jacob. He has siblings who have been adopted and live in the northwest Arkansas area, so ideally, Jacob’s forever family would live in the same area so he could maintain his connection to his siblings.

Age: 11

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A family has been identified for Jacob! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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