This friendly and reserved young man is our Javion. He loves sports of any kind and enjoys playing video games as well. Javion needs a forever family to help lead him down the path to good choices and success. Imagine if he did have the strong role model of a forever dad and the nurturing love of a forever mom, even at this point in his life, how it could change the path of his story. Right now that path has led to a life of not so smart choices and limited to no success. That path will only change if Javion makes the decision to let it change, but how is he to know how to make the right choice? Are you willing to step into Javion’s path and not give up on him, while also not letting him give up on himself. He needs you. Inquire below for more information. If you get the chance, take him out for pizza or Mexican and let him know he isn’t alone anymore.

Age: 16

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