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Want to make 16-year-old Jackie happy? The recipe is simple – throw in a few Legos and a whole lot of the video game Minecraft, and Jackie is a happy young man. In that respect, he is a typical teen. Think back to your teenage years for a moment and try to recall all the emotions, anxieties and fears you had to deal with. Jackie has those same things on his plate, but unlike you, he has no family or true friends to count on for support and help when he needs them, and he also has to deal with the effects of the trauma from his younger years at the same time. That’s a lot to ask of a young man, but Jackie isn’t afraid of putting in the work. He faithfully attends therapy to help him learn how to deal with his trauma and emotions, and according to his caregivers he has made tremendous progress. Just watch his video and you’ll see a confident kid who enjoys talking with folks about things he’s passionate about as well as his funnier miscues – his basketball tryout story is a hoot! Parenting Jackie will require some patience and understanding as he continues to progress through therapy and make great strides, but he’s worth every effort. We’re big Jackie fans, and we know you will be as well. 2527291

Age: 17

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