Alright, it’s time for some real talk here on the Heart Gallery. Most of our kiddos here will flourish in just about any kind of home environment that’s supportive, loving, and patient. But there are a few like our buddy Jacob who are going to need a little more. Let’s tell you a few things that Jacob “is.” Jacob is autistic. Jacob is non-verbal. Jacob is a big fan of blocks, numbers, shapes, and television – especially YouTube videos. He is always in a mood to be outside and feel the sun on his face as he plays. Jacob is an amazing, happy, expressive kiddo, without a doubt. Here are some things he is “not.” Jacob is not a fan of change and transitions between different activities. He is not crazy about loud noises or too much stimulation. He is not meant to be in foster care, even though he’s receiving excellent care and services. Jacob is meant to be in a home with a family who can meet his unique needs and love him like one of their own and like the amazing kid that he is. He is meant to be with a family who can keep him safe, stable, and happy while pushing him to be the best Jacob he can be. And he’s meant to be with a family ready to fight for him when the world says he can’t do something or that he shouldn’t try this or that. Because that’s what family is and does, and it’s what Jacob deserves. If that sounds like your family, let us know.

Age: 9

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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