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Our buddy Jaydon is a study in contrasts. On most days, he is a really funny kid who is full of energy. He loves to laugh and dance, and he is always full of smiles. He may have a future as an architect or an engineer because his favorite toys always seem to be ones that he can use to build things. And, he’s always ready for a cookout in the backyard, as long as you’re grilling up some burgers. But some days, Jaydon’s past trauma comes up a little too quickly and he gets a little overwhelmed. His mind can’t process everything quickly enough, so he reacts physically – hitting, kicking, fighting, etc. It’s the classic “fight or flight” response to overwhelming emotions. We all experience it to some degree, but we’re just a little better equipped (on most days!) to handle it than our young friend Jaydon is. But he’s working hard on recognizing what’s causing the emotions to come up and what else he can do to respond to them. We’re really proud of his effort and progress, but Jaydon needs a family to help guide him through this process, too. He’s a tough, smart kid and we know he’ll work hard on his own, but just imagine the leaps and bounds he could make with a family wrapped around him! Jaydon needs a firm but loving two-parent home with time to work with his school and therapists. Ideally, his new family would have no children younger than Jaydon so he could be the focus as everyone works through the adoptive process. Could your family be the right fit for Jaydon? Submit an inquiry below to learn more.

Age: 11

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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