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Meet our friend Jacob, a wonderful teenager with a passion for the great outdoors. He relishes playing outside, and his adventurous spirit is showcased when he's riding dirt bikes. Jacob also has an affinity for animals of all sorts and enjoys unwinding with video games - characteristics that make him a typical teen. His favorite color is green, and his love for all foods makes mealtime a joy. At heart, Jacob is a very sweet kid, full of good intentions, and his big heart often shines through in his interactions. Like many young people, Jacob struggles with some aspects of life. He has ADHD which sometimes presents challenges, particularly in academic settings. Reading and school aren't among his favorite activities, but he flourishes in environments that allow him to learn in hands-on, active ways. He would do best in a home without daughters around his age and a family that understands and supports his journey through the typical ups and downs of teenage years. Jacob might be understated about himself, saying "there's not a whole lot to know about me, I just enjoy being here," but we believe his compassionate heart and adventurous spirit make him truly special.

Age: 16

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