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Meet Jayden, a preteen boy with a vibrant personality and a deep love for the outdoors and animals. Jayden is outgoing, friendly, and respectful, qualities that make him an endearing young man. He enjoys bike rides and has a particular fondness for meals featuring chicken with vegetables and potato casserole. Jayden is not just an animal lover but finds joy in playing and interacting with them, indicative of his nurturing nature. However, like many kids his age, Jayden has areas where growth is needed. He is not particularly fond of chores and sometimes struggles with adherence to rules. There have been instances of dishonesty, which is a behavior pattern that requires attention and guidance. Jayden would flourish in a two-parent household, either with a mother and father or a single mom, where consistent structure and rules could help him develop personal responsibility. It's worth noting that Jayden was part of a sibling group of three that unfortunately got separated, and he remains the last one to find a forever home. With the right guidance, love, and stability, Jayden's potential is limitless.

Age: 12

Inquire About Jayden

A family has been identified for Jayden! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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