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If you’re scrolling quickly through the Heart Gallery, hoping that “the one” jumps out at you, then you need to stop right here and meet our friend Jase. You have an incredible opportunity to help an amazing young man re-write his story with a simple “Yes!” Jase has experienced so many losses in his young life, it’s heartbreaking. He’s lost his birth family and his connection to everyone from that time in his life that was important to him. He’s made connections with foster parents and even potential adoptive parents, and for a variety of reasons that have had nothing to do with him, Jase has lost those people, too. Jase is such a good kid, and he desperately wants a family to call his own…a family that will stand by him and give him the stability and belonging that he wants so badly. So, what is Jase like? What makes him tick? For starters, he loves Chick-fil-A, so he clearly has great taste in food! Jase also loves football, playing his video games, and enjoying the outdoors. He’s active and athletic, and he loves showing off his skills and tricks at the local trampoline park. We just can’t brag on Jase enough. He’s going to need a family – either one parent or two – that is patient, structured, and consistent. Jase needs to feel and see that you are committed to him as he continues to process the losses he’s experienced and learn to trust again. Because he really wants to trust and believe in family and forever. He’s ready…he just needs that “Yes!’ from you.

Age: 10

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A family has been identified for Jase! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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