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Folks, we may have a future Olympian in our midst! Ieasha loves boxing, and she’s really good at it. She’s been in lessons for some time and plans to continue. She also hopes to join the Reserve Officer Training Corps (or ROTC) at school and possibly join the armed forces after high school. We love her focus on her future! Ieasha has spent too long focusing on things she can’t do anything about from her past, but she’s realized that she controls her own destiny and she wants it to be better than before. Her childhood was defined by chaos, abuse, anger, and uncertainty, and she allowed those things to creep into her present too often because it was all she knew. But as she’s grown and matured, she’s learned more about discipline, controlling her emotions, and staying focused on what’s in front of you. Sounds like those boxing lessons have taught her more than just how to jab and cover up, huh? Ieasha is a fascinating young woman who is just now coming into her own, and she needs you to help her keep moving onward and upward.

Age: 17

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