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One of the things that we ask our kiddos as we prepare to write their bios is what is a special memory from your childhood that makes you smile. Sadly, our friend Haley told us that she has no happy memories from her childhood. Not a single thing stood out to her as a happy memory to look back on and smile. Folks, this hurts our heart, and we need you to help Haley start creating those memories now. So where are you most likely to make some fun memories with Haley? She loves eating out at restaurants, and she especially loves eating ice cream. She also loves “girl days” focused on music, makeup, and laughter. In between these fun days, however, are some darker moments for Haley. Because of her tough childhood, she’s developed some poor coping mechanisms when things don’t go right, and she can be quite defiant and tough to re-direct at times. But she’s worked so hard in counseling, and she’s made outstanding progress. Her team is quite proud of her, and that positive attention and recognition has made her want to work even harder. Haley is in a pivotal moment in her life where she just needs someone to see her for who she can be, not who she’s been, to help get her over the hump to a really happy place. Can you imagine the happy memory Haley will have when she recalls meeting you for the first time? How the awkwardness and uncertainty faded away as she got to know you and realized that you are exactly what she’s needed all along? Looking back to this moment, she’ll have a hard time choosing a favorite happy memory, and that’s going to be a great problem to have.

Age: 17

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