Credit and Appreciation go to: Tim Rand Photography


Folks, there is a sparkle in our friend Hollis’ eyes that is just hard to capture, even in this great photo here on the Heart Gallery. That sparkle reflects the joy that just permeates his entire life, even in spite of the difficult upbringing he had. Like most kids his age, he loves playing sports outside just as much as he enjoys relaxing and watching television. And if you really want to see those eyes of his light up, put a plate of pizza and mac and cheese in front of him! But like everyone, Hollis has his moments from time to time. He struggles with self-esteem, which leads to frustration and anxiety and fear, which then leads to outbursts. Nothing too serious, and certainly nothing permanent, but it’s an issue that Hollis knows he needs to work on, and let me tell you…he is putting in the work. This is the most impressive thing about Hollis. He wants so badly to be loved and cared for, so he works really, really hard to improve his behavior and be more open to people who love him. Trust is a big struggle, but Hollis is making huge strides. He needs a patient, caring home where he’s the only kid so he can receive all the help and attention he deserves. And he deserves all this world has to offer.

Age: 12

Inquire About Hollis

A family has been identified for Hollis! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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