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Our dear friend Ivette is one of those kiddos who will fit in quickly and easily with almost any kind of family. She has so much going for her! Ivette is super funny and friendly, and she loves to help everyone around her. She’s also very empathetic, so she works hard to include everyone around her and make them feel wanted and important. Sometimes, that helpful nature can swing a little too close to wanting to tell people what to do, but it comes from a pure, sweet place in her heart – she just thinks she knows what is needed and wants you to do what she believes is best for you. As a younger child, she never was taught about respecting people’s personal boundaries. She also learned some not-so-good lessons about manipulating situations to get what she wants or to elevate her own standing by getting others in trouble. But these lessons are easily re-taught with time. Ivette will benefit from almost any kind of structured, patient, consistent home life, so what your family looks like is much less important than how committed you are to helping Ivette learn those new lessons while letting her natural sweet personality continue to develop and bloom.

Age: 11

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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