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We don’t normally provide a big list of “likes” in our bios here on the Heart Gallery, but when we started writing our buddy Jaedon’s bio, his list of likes just kept making us laugh, so we thought…why not? Jaedon likes so much stuff that we need to categorize it first! What activities does Jaedon like to participate in? Playing board games. Building things with Legos. Pretending to be superheroes. And riding bikes. How about sports? Is Jaedon into sports? How about this list – basketball, football, baseball, soccer, skateboarding…and bowling! And you know Jaedon has a list of favorite foods. Our guy loves pizza, hamburgers, salads (for balance, you know!), hot dogs, and chicken. But no beans…unless you mean green beans, which definitely go on the list. Jaedon clearly enjoys being Jaedon, and his love for life is infectious. He is friendly, talkative, and accepting of others. He gets along well with his peers and is a great big brother for younger kids. He can be a bit impulsive and he needs to learn to slow things down a little. He can be hyper at times and has a lot of anxiety. Jaedon is working on this, and is doing great, but we all really believe that settling into a home with his own family will make a huge difference for Jaedon. We think Jaedon would do best in a two-parent home where he can be a big brother to some younger siblings. He doesn’t always do as well sharing attention with older kids, so we’d have to chat about that dynamic in your family. And you know Jaedon has a couple of things to add to his list of preferences. He’d love to have a pet and live on a farm or out in the country. One last important note for Jaedon – he has siblings who have already been adopted who he is really close to. He’ll need to be able to maintain a connection to them after he’s adopted, too. We all could use some “extra” family members, right? Jaedon is ready to add your family to his list of favorites, so inquire now!

Age: 14

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A family has been identified for Jaedon! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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