Credit and Appreciation go to: Tim Rand Photography


Oh my gosh, we just love this photo of our sweet Alexandria, or Alex as she prefers to be called. She looks so beautiful in the sun, with her long hair blowing in the breeze. You can probably guess, but Alex enjoys looking nice and has become quite talented at doing makeup and hair. In fact, she is considering formal training and a possible career in cosmetology or a similar area. But don’t think Alex is only a girly-girl. She also likes playing sports! Alex hasn’t quite found her groove at school yet and she struggles with her academics. She also lets herself get a little too caught up in the normal high school drama and peer issues. But she’s aware of where she needs to improve and she’s working hard to get there. What kind of family will be perfect to help Alex achieve her goals, you might wonder. We asked Alex, and she said she wants an active family. She also needs a home where her siblings are sisters around her age and where the parents are committed to setting clear expectations for behaviors, actions, etc. In other words, she needs parents who love and support their kiddos and raise them to be kind, respectful, happy kiddos. So don’t be intimidated by the idea of adopting a teen…you have all the tools to be a great family for Alex, and she has all the potential in the world to be an amazing part of that family.

Age: 17

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