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Committing to adopting a teenager like 15-year-old Jeffrey is not an easy thing to do. We often say that there is no such thing as a perfect foster or adoptive parent, and that is certainly true – anyone can be a great family for a child – but it does take a special kind of family to be the perfect fit for a teenager who has faced a life of instability, uncertainty and neglect. Patient. Understanding. Consistent. Dedicated. These adjectives and a million more describe that kind of home our teens need, because let’s be honest. They’re going to make mistakes and poor choices, because they’re teens and that’s what teens do. They’re going to push your buttons to see if you’ll be there for them no matter what, unlike their original families. They’re going to have days where they can’t handle the pressure and stress and hormones and everything else and things will get crazy. That’s what Jeffrey needs more than anything else in this world. He needs and deserves a family that will accept him with all of his baggage from a lifetime of neglect and trauma, a family who will endure the setbacks and stumbles and who will celebrate the good days and the successes with unbelievable joy and optimism for a future full of more days just like them. Jeffrey doesn’t need a perfect family – just the perfect family for him. 2216549

Age: 16

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