Credit and Appreciation go to: Ashley Carson


A tinkerer is someone who cannot stop tinkering with the things around them. Well Jacob is the definition of a tinkerer. Between the mechanics of cars to electronics and rocks outside, he always has his hands working with something. When he isn’t putting things together or taking them apart he is eating a slice of pizza. Jacob can be outgoing and friendly, but is still learning the best ways to express emotions like frustration, uncertainty, and anger. All of us struggled with the same emotions as teens, but we had the benefit of a family to help us along the way; Jacob doesn’t have that opportunity…yet! His forever family must be willing to understand his struggles, providing him one-on-one attention and have patience as he is guided into being the man he was meant to be. Jacob has hopes that he will find a forever family and one day become a mechanic. Are you the family that will fulfill his hopes and dreams? Feel free to inquire below.

Age: 17

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