Credit and Appreciation go to: Van Dover Photography


Jabarious is one of the youngest kiddos on the Heart Gallery, but he’s also one of the most special. (And in this group of amazing kids, that’s saying a lot!) In addition to this great photo, Jabarious has an equally great short film letting you see him in action and learn a little more about him. As you can see in the film, he’s full of happy, positive energy and loves to play and cuddle. Jabarious also loves to show you how many animal sounds he can make – his favorites are horses and cows! Jabarious has some physical and developmental challenges, but neither has slowed him down in any way yet and we don’t anticipate they ever will! Jabarious is a truly sweet child who needs to find that perfect family to embrace his unique needs and help him continue to grow, develop, learn…and laugh that great laugh of his. We wish we could just scoop him up, stare into those big brown eyes of his and keep him to ourselves, but he needs his forever family. Is that you?

Age: 7

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