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George is a spirited teenager who radiates warmth and charm wherever he goes. With a playful demeanor and a knack for connecting with others, he thrives in social settings and enjoys spending time with peers. George's obedience and academic achievements highlight his determination and eagerness to succeed, while his love for animals and passion for sports underscore his active and adventurous nature. However, George also faces challenges, including moments of quick anger and occasional temper tantrums, signaling his need for guidance and support in managing his emotions.  In search of stability and belonging, George yearns for the warmth of a two-parent home, ideally with siblings to share his experiences and adventures. A strong male role model would provide George with the positive guidance and support he needs as he navigates life's choices. Despite his impressionable nature, George's earnest desire for adoption reflects his readiness to embrace the love and stability of a forever family. With understanding and patience, George has the potential to blossom into a confident and resilient young man, enriching the lives of those around him with his infectious energy and joy.

Age: 14

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